Texel - Text element editor

A tool to easily view and edit text/translation files in your software projects.

How do I use the Texel editor?

Select the source provider of your choice from the list below.

Use Bitbucket

What are "Texels"?

Texels is an art word for Text-Element, just like Pixel is for Picture-Element. It is the smallest addressable text element in an application.

Sometimes those are called "keys" or "translations". But since "keys" has many other meanings and you might use this tool to edit texts and not to translate them, I found "translations" misleading as well.

Texel is also the name of an Island in the Netherlands. That has nothing to do with this tool, but I like to mention it.

How does it work?

Texel will use your source providers api (directly from your browser) and search for files based on common naming patterns. These naming patterns are currently:

  • [locale]/[domain].{json,yaml}
  • [domain].[locale].{json,yaml}

All Texels (text elements) will be represented in an easily editable table. You'll then be able to commit those changes directly into your project. In the best case, this won't require any developer time.

Can I trust this tool?

You should never fully trust anything that is hosted on the internet. The source code is on GitHub and you can host it yourself if you like. It is currently hosted on Vercel.

The entire tool is designed to run fully in the browser and never transmit any login credentials or files to anyone but your source provider.